Google’s Pixel 4 launch event (livestream with reactions)

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The Pixel 4 and 4 XL must not only stand out from their Apple and Android rivals, but also serve as bearers of Google’s ultimate take on Android 10 (formerly known as Android Q), the latest version of the most popular OS in the world. Watch Google’s Pixel 4 product launch live on Tuesday, Oct. 15, starting at 6:30 a.m. PT. Lexy Savvides and Brian Cooley will be leading CNET’s live coverage with editor check-ins from inside the event.

Watch Live on Made by Google event Oct. 15: Pixel 4 announcements, how to watch, start time, livestream

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‫34 تعليقات

‫34 تعليقات

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  1. CNET قال:

    What did you guys think of our livestream? We do these all the time, so let us know what you want to see us do next time!

  2. Moabe Goes قال:

    If it was an apple event there would be a "woooohul" every 2 minutes

  3. Thought the picture of the back of the phone was an iPhone for a moment lol

  4. Thought the picture of the back of the phone was an iPhone for a moment lol

  5. Everyone on stage seems to be out of breath, they need to do some more cardio before gettin' on stage!

  6. Just a recommendation Google. Have your presenters use the earbuds while on stage, instead of the mic headset.

  7. Aezzil قال:

    If you're here for only there pixel here ya go 1:14:05

  8. Make my pixel provide power and data for when I am camping but I have data and I want to watch something on the Chromecast. That would be brilliant not having to set up a WiFi connection, and it would not use hotspot data cap(Metro)

  9. Paul I قال:

    iPhone 11 Pro Halloween Colors Edition

  10. 64gb storage!!?? Wtf! Watch , iPhone did that they got a lot of heat for keeping 64gb. Lets see if there’s any noise when it comes to google . No notch, big forehead

  11. 2x telephoto is less. I think 4x would have been better.

  12. Paul k. قال:

    Anybody else has the feeling that Google slowly becomes Microsoft?

  13. “Nest mini?” It’s a Google Home Mini. “Hey guys, lets start calling the iPhone the iPad now. Why not?”

  14. It’s cool how Google just gave us some brand new smartphone features 5 years before Apple will introduce them.

  15. Rob L. قال:

    I've been spending $150/yr for Nest Aware on just three cameras and I'm excited about getting Nest Aware on all my cameras for about the same price.

  16. Those damn teeny tiny headphones have one big flaw. They are so frickin small they'll get lost so damn easy…

  17. Eff Ahston قال:

    I couldn't really listen to the lady Ellis speak because between her sentences, her mouth sound like macaroni and cheese being stirred. LOL Extremely moist sounding and the microphone amplified all that cheesy goodness.

  18. ChrispyArt قال:

    They say they think telephoto is more important than wide angle … well this is a phone used to capture everyday life … we want to photograph what we experience,sceneries and our family and friends… who are with us. Not strangers in the distance …

  19. Bro I know this event was whack but I feel bad for the guy no one clapped

  20. LEO DAI قال:

    The sound of her lips are bothering me so much during the pixel 4 section

  21. Felix Five قال:

    I see Cooley and I click.

  22. Nick B قال:

    What a laughable keynote.

  23. The presenters are putting me to sleep.

  24. Where is "ultra wide is fun but telephoto is useful"

  25. tosin7c قال:

    @CNET, who's the black guy in the Google advert speaking with all the personnel

  26. I'm sorry but Google is just getting too creepy they're getting into everything audio and visual in your life

  27. adi u قال:

    Pixel 4 starting at 1:14:00

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