GOOGLE Easter Eggs, Secrets And Tricks #3

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Google added few more extra Easter Eggs, Secrets and interesting tricks to its search engine. Make sure you watch Part 1 and Part 2 as well for the complete list of Easter Eggs, Secrets and Tricks found on Google!

Music: I made the track specifically for this video

The List:
01. wizard of oz
02. sonic the hedgehog
03. random number generator
04. animal sounds (what does dog say)
05. wimbledon 2019 scores
06. minesweeper
07. google birthday surprise spinner
08. text adventure
09. bubble level (MOBILE ONLY)

Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for more Easter Eggs, Secrets and Tricks!
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‫48 تعليقات

‫48 تعليقات

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  1. Hey search up crosh and get on it then do Ctrl alt t

  2. Pixus قال:

    You have forgetten the thanos gantelet

  3. GD Orbzy قال:


  4. Gravity on Google/ T-rex game (without internet ) Picman game /Tic tac toe /Zerg rush..

  5. The Wizard of Oz now in PUBG mobile! 😀

  6. Alpha Wolf قال:

    look up your birthday and Florida man mine was "Nude Florida man burns himself while dancing in flames, chanting 'gibberish"

  7. I have new Google easter eggs!
    You search Google Painter then click im feeling lucky, Enjoyed! 🙂

  8. This actually shook me, like…

  9. When there's no connection on google there's a little game
    Thank you

  10. kavya Dave قال:

    put 100000000000000 on both on the generator

  11. StarzGirlz قال:

    Ok but the backround music scary

  12. Google do a barrel roll

  13. sonic the hedgehog easter egg is no longer available in 2019

  14. on the number generator, my first # was 83

  15. Mr Ice قال:

    The bubble level also works on a ipad

  16. Mink 03 قال:

    I know the Easter egg of Sonic and Thanos

  17. Translate khalani chete!!! Ndimadana nanu kwambiri! Google! Wamisala wopusa!

  18. J0K3R قال:

    Nie wiedziałem kacpi że jesteś Polakiem?!

  19. NDB49 قال:

    The sonic one didnt show for me

  20. pizzaria nave mãe pesquise no google maps telefone voador

  21. bucket 743 قال:

    Search: thanos

  22. Hot BBQ قال:

    You miss thanos

  23. Wimnledon SCORIES 2019

  24. Nor Zila قال:

    Type=memek in google and click image

  25. Erkan Bey قال:

    Oil can Oil can In my cin … Error:c

  26. Tom Gurney قال:

    Guys Search Thanos In Google

  27. Ufo Wave قال:

    Guys write on Google: do a barrel roll

  28. Juan.I قال:

    Search Thanos on Google

  29. MessPlays قال:

    they removed mario and sonic :C

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